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 News Update - 12/27/02


Hope all of you had a great Christmas and here's to a happy new year!

GHS Alumni Staff

 News Update - 12/16/02

Some of you may have noticed that the bulletin board section of this site has all those annoying pop-up ads again. There was such little usage of this section after the alumni banquet (none actually) and we struggled with the decision of whether or not to pay to upgrade it again to an ad-free service.

The good news is, we're going to take another shot at this. We just paid for another year's subscription to EZ-Board (our bulletin board service) so that the ads will be removed. You should see, or should I say you won't see any ads in about two days from the date of this news update.

I hope you'll all take the time to stop by this area and post a message for your classmates and friends. It's a great way to keep in touch with each other during the 5 year interlude between reunions.

GHS Alumni Staff

 News Update - 11/17/02

In Memory

 Please remember in your thoughts and prayers the family of Ruth Whyte Richardson of the class of 1924, who passed away on November 10th 2002. Ruth was also a teacher in Goldfield for 12 years. A family gravesite service will be held at 1:30 on Wednesday November 20, 2002 at Glenwood Cemetery Goldfield, Iowa. Coffee and cake will be served at the United Methodist Church in Goldfield following the service. She is survived by her children, Kenneth Richardson of the class of 1945, Deane Richardson of the class of 1948, Edward Richardson of the class of 1955 and Mary Richardson McBee of the class of 1959. She is also survived by her sister, Margaret Whyte of the class of 1926 and was preceded in death by her brother Conger Whyte of the class of 1934.

 We need your help!

 When sending out the last couple of emails, I have received about 40 of them returned undeliverable. PLEASE continue to send me your email address changes and also your regular mailing addresses changes, so that we can keep them current! You can submit your changes by clicking on the Classmates Page or the GHS Staff Page links and just use ghs for the username and indians for the password. This will take you into the classmates area, then just click on your year. At the top of the staff page or the bottom of each class page you will find a link that you can click on to submit changes. It will automatically open an email to Brett and Alan for you to send in your corrections, so that we can get your changes made for you. If you have trouble with this you may also just email the changes to me at Please help us keep the information as current as possible, by taking a few minutes of your time and checking to see if we have the correct information listed for you and your family members. 


 News Update - 9/16/02

Quick update to let you all know that a small Photo Gallery section has been added to the alumni site. You can click the Photo Gallery link on the right hand side of any page to navigate to it. If you hover over the photos, you'll see a short description and if you click them, a larger version of the picture should pop up for you in a new window.

Remember to send Alan or Brett any pictures you'd like to have added to the site. If you mail them via the U.S. Postal service, we'll be sure to return the original photos to you.


GHS Alumni Association

 News Update - 9/10/02

Well summer's flown by again! Seems like time passes a little faster the older you get doesn't it? 

We'd like to continue to encourage all of you to keep your address information current by contacting us with any changes you might have. With kids going back to college, there may be some email and or address changes that you'd like to have us make so your fellow graduates can keep in touch with you while you're off at school over the next year.

We'd also like to remind you that if you took any pictures at the alumni reunion this summer and have the ability to mail us a copy or email and electronic version, we'd be happy to post them on the site for all to see. We've received some response to this request but as of yet, we don't really have enough to put the photo gallery together. If you do send a photo, please be sure to tell us who the folks are that are pictured so we can give credit where credit is due!!

GHS Alumni Association

 News Update - 8/19/02

Just added a new page to the site to honor and remember those alumni who have passed away since the last alumni banquet. You'll see the In Memory link at the right hand side of all pages now.

Please contact us if you have any additions for this page.

 News Update - 7/15/02

Please remember in your thoughts and prayers the family of Francis Jones of the class of 1933, who passed away on July 14th 2002. His children are Wanda Jones Hassman of the class of 1956 and the late Leroy Jones of the class of 1958.

 News Update - 7/5/02


A memorial service for Ingeborg  Lerdal, age58, wife of Duane Lerdal, Class of 1963, will be at 2:00 pm on Sat. July 6, 2002 at Calvin Funeral Home, 8 E. Main Street , Hartford , MI .

The family has requested that, in lieu of flowers,  memorials go to a fund being set up by the Hartford School system in her name.

Cards and memorials may be addressed to:

Duane Lerdal family
58061   65 ˝ Street
Hartford , MI   49057-9711  


We had someone lined up to take pictures at the Banquet, but unfortunately, they backed out at the last minute. If any one had a digital camera, or could scan their regular pictures and send them to either Brett at or myself at we would really enjoy getting some put on the website.  


Remember to check back often with us at . Please help us keep your mailing and email addresses current. Also stop off in the Bulletin Board area and post a message from time to time. We would love to hear your thoughts and what you have been up to.  


We have our final “wrap things up” Alumni meeting coming up very soon and we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on any thing that you would like  see done differently next time, so that we can pass those along to the next committee. Please send your comments and or suggestions to me at and I will get them compiled for the committee to look at.  Thanks and I hope that everyone had a good time. 

Alan McCollough

 News Update - 6/30/02

Some of you may have noticed some of the news articles were missing for a few days. Just a slight problem that I was able to correct thanks to Alan letting me take over his office while I was back home on vacation this past week.

We've received several updates since the alumni banquet and I'll be posting them shortly. Thanks for everyone's continued effort in keeping our records accurate.


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