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 News Update - 5/22/2004

Here's a few more shots of the progress on the new river park bridge.

 News Update - 4/29/2004

Charlotte Harvey Linden is at it again! Check out the vintage photo she posted on the Bulletin Board.

 News Update - 4/26/2004

Say goodbye to an old Goldfield landmark...

For those of you coming back to visit us in Goldfield this summer, please pardon our construction. The River park bridge has been removed to make way for a new larger bridge with a ten foot walkway. The project should be completed by early fall pending good weather. I know that this old bridge probably brings back lots of memories for a lot of you. Feel free to post them on the Bulletin Board by clicking on this: Bridge Memories


 News Update - 2/14/2004

Happy Valentine's Day Alumni!!

I mentioned something about getting together an alumni count by state the last time I checked in with all of you. Well here it is. The states where we have alumni actively living are highlighted in red and have a head count shown. Just click on the image below to view the full size map. Enjoy!!!

Also as a reminder, don't forget to check the Bulletin Board for announcements regarding class reunions and other events.

GHS Alumni Association

 News Update - 1/30/2004

Hello Alumni! When Alan and I set out to create this site a couple years back, one of our goals was to be able to help our fellow alumni stay connected or get re-connected with each other. As you can see by browsing through the class pages, our classmates are scattered all across the United States. At some point, I think I'll have to try to figure out what the alumni count is for each state and post it here on the site.

We recently got a note from Charlotte Linden sharing some of her experiences re-connecting with a few fellow alumni and she was gracious enough to let us share her story with you...

Dear Brett and Alan,
I want to thank you for all that you two have done with the Goldfield Alumni website and share with you that it has opened the doors to past friendships and new friendships. The classmates page has been a wonderful source for me. I must tell you of two of my experiences.

Eric & I live in Tucson and in California. We go to Tucson frequently to help our son, a single parent, when his children have school breaks. When we were there this fall, I decided to look on the classmates pages and see if any other Goldfield graduates lived in Tucson. I found that Ray Brazee from the class of 1949 lived in Tucson so I looked up his address on Map Quest and found he lived only a mile from our house. Ray rode on my school bus and I was only 9 when he graduated. We stopped by his home and he immediately remembered me----even after 54 years! We had a wonderful conversation and intend to get together again. Ray is still working as a security guard at a small mall near our homes.

I also saw that Gertrude (she is called Gertie by her friends) Johnson Wright, class of 1927, was living in Tucson. (I was interested in contacting her as I communicate with her other living classmate, Lincoln Wadsworth. Lincoln is the uncle of our friends, Brad and Greg Slocum in Sacramento. Their mother, Evelyn Wadsworth, also graduated from Goldfield.) I called Gertrude in early November. and she invited Eric & I to her house for lunch---see the attached picture of us. Gertrude is Pete Johnson's sister---she grew up on Carpenter Hill. Gertrude lived in Renwick, Belmond, Ohio, and Arkansas prior to moving to Tucson 4 years ago. Her husband was the manager of a bean processing company in Belmond and Ohio. She and her husband moved to Tucson in 1999 to be close to a daughter and------so they could golf year round. Her husband died 2 years ago. Gertie is a very active, energetic woman! As you probably know, Gertie's Grandfather was Major Brassfield, a founder of Goldfield. She showed us pictures of him and documents. Gertie and I plan to get together often in Tucson.

Thanks, again, for making this website available to the Goldfield HS graduates and staff.

Charlotte Harvey Linden, Class of 1957.

 News Update - 12/21/2003

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

GHS Staff

 News Update - 9/05/2003


First of all, I would like to welcome everyone that we have added lately to our email listings. We need your help! When sending out the last several emails, I have received about 80 of them returned undeliverable. PLEASE continue to send me your email address changes and also your regular mailing addresses changes, so that we can keep them current! Also check on your relatives, friends, and classmates to see if you have email addresses for them, which we donít have. We want to keep as many people informed as we can and we need your help in doing this. At the top of the staff page or the bottom of each class page you will find a link that you can click on to submit changes. It will automatically open an email to Brett and Alan for you to send in your corrections, so that we can get your changes made for you. If you have trouble with this you may also just email the changes to me at Please help us keep the information as current as possible, by taking a few minutes of your time and checking to see if we have the correct information listed for you and your family members.

Dates are set!

The dates for the 2007 GHS Alumni Weekend have been set for June 23 & 24, 2007.

Recent changes made!

1) Welcome to the Goldfield students of the 2003 class of CGHS. We have added you to our class listings.
2) We have updated the contact page listing the new officers for the 2007 banquet.
3) We have deleted approximately 80 email addresses that have come back undeliverable after the last four mailings. Most are probably due to changes in internet providers. We need everyoneís help in getting the new email addresses for these people, as we have now lost contact with them.

Bulletin Board We would like to see more activity on the bulletin board. How about those of you that had reunions this past summer giving a little update on turnout and activities. Those of you starting to plan reunions for next summer, this would be a great place to start kicking around your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to start new topics. Itís a great place to share your ideas and suggestions.

Alan McCollough

 News Update - 9/01/2003

The class of 1953 will be having their class reunion in Branson, Missouri, September 9, 10, and 11 2003. There will be 14 of them celebrating together their 50th anniversary of their Goldfield High School graduation.

GHS Staff

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