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Ida B. Crouse From the Class of 1947:
After much soul searching I have decided not to make the 800 mile trek to Goldfield the 22nd.  I would love to see everyone from the class of 1947, plus several from 1946 with whom I was good friends.  Actually, we only lived in Goldfield from July of 1946 until June of 1947, but it was long enough to make a lot of good friends and to enjoy the High School and the town of Goldfield.  I went to 5 high schools in my 4 years (my Dad was in the Air force) so I suppose I could go to 5 reunions.  Anyway, I wish you the best and I really wish I could be there.  I am writing to Donna Schipull (they are hosting a reception for the class of 1947) also, to thank her for the invitation and wish them all well.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  I have made e-mail contact with a couple of classmates with your information!
Ida B. Crouse
Goldfield High Class of 1947

From the class of 1927:
After graduating from the Goldfield High School in 1927 I went to the University of Iowa and graduated with a BA degree in 1931. I graduated from Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, New York with a BD degree in 1934. I also married Juanita Lindee from Muscatine, Iowa that year. Our first church pastorate was in Hartford, New York. From there we went to The Baptist Temple in Philadelphia where I was Associate minister to Dr. Daniel A. Poling from 1936-39. From there we had a pastorate at the First Baptist
Church, Geneva, NY where we were near the Sampson Naval Training Station and had a ministry with the chaplains and recruits there. In 1945 I was called to be Secretary of Cities for the American Baptist Home Mission Society and served on that Staff (now National Ministries) until I was 65. During that time I was awarded a DD degree. Before retiring I was called to the Staff of
the Philadelphia Baptist Association and continued there until retiring again in 1996 at the age of 87. It has been a challenging and fulfilling ministry and we have appreciated being able to serve.

Our family consists of Lincoln Robert and family in New Jersey, Joan and Dean Hurst and family nearby and Carol and Merwin Lewis and family in London, Ontario, Canada.

In 1997 we moved to this retirement community in Lansdale, PA. It is 15 miles from our former home in Wayne, PA and we are glad to continue to be close to our family and church there.

I appreciate my Goldfield roots and particularly the Baptist Church there which gave me a good foundation for ministry. We appreciate what you are doing for the class reunion and wish we could be there. I am 93 and Juanita is 90 and we are thankful for the health we have and that we can still be active.

Greetings to all, Lincoln and Juanita Wadsworth
Our home address:
660 North Broad Street, Apt. A 305
Lansdale, PA 19446-2363

From the class of 1976:
Well, looks like we will not be able to make the reunion. We have just purchased a house and will not be able to travel at that time. We will be moving then, please tell everyone hello, we were really looking forward to this. We do hope to be back in the first part of July, my offices close for two weeks then, we can visit everyone and I can teach Dave Stevenson how to golf. Make sure Dave gets to read this! PS. Thanks for having the basketball team on the website, it brings back great memories!!! That was a very special time 1974 -1976 and we had a very special team!
Best wishes to all,
Kevin, Laura and Savannah Thompson

From the Class of 1964:
Greetings from the valley of the sun. I would like to congratulate you on a very impressive website! I moved April 24 so please note my change of address on the classmates page.
Holly Sorensen Upchurch

From the Class of 1938:
Your invitation and plans for a wonderful time there in Goldfield have arrived. I am sorry to write that I won't be able to attend. It would be lots of fun to see classmates ( the ones who are left) and friends. All of you volunteers are to be commended. It is a lot of work, but also so rewarding. Many good wishes go to all of you as you finalize your plans toward the end. I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was there.
Good Luck,
Norma (Rose) Johnson Drehsen

From the Class of 1964:
You people have done a wonderful job with this web site!! I am so impressed with everything that you have done. It's wonderful to say the least!! I graduated with the class of 1964. I was Nancy Jewell (Willett) now. I work here in Ft. Dodge at one of the banks, and my husband is the Dean at Iowa Central Comm. College. I noticed that you mentioned the deaths of three people that had passed away recently. Karen Lerdal (Fevold) has a sister Julie that graduated with my younger sister Donna, My parents were Art and Ila Jewell, both deceased now. I don't know how far you are going back as far as classmates passing, but my brother was in the class of 1965. Jim Jewell passed away last March 27th, it hasn't even been a complete year yet. I would really like to have his name mentioned, it would have meant so very much to him. and our family as well. Please consider this. Thank-you very much if this is possible. His children also graduated from GHS. My husband Gary and I will be attending, but I just haven't taken the time to send in our invitations.No excuse I realize!
Thank you!
Nancy Jewell Willett

From the Class of 1958:

This is absolutely wonderful! I can't tell you how much I appreciate having this information at our finger tips. Thank-you for your kind thoughtfulness in getting this up and running I have already written to several friends that I have not seen or heard about in over 40 some years.
Again many thanks!!
Karen Gillespie Pedersen

From the Class of 1970:
Thanks for the website guys!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice job. I maintain several websites so know how much work goes into it. We appreciate it.
Don B. Stevenson

From the Class of 1977:
I think the web site is awesome!! I'm not very computer literate, but I managed my way through it. Keep up the great work. I think this will be a great way to let classmates find each other.
Jayne McCutcheon Frederickson

From the Class of 1931:

I so wish I could come to the Goldfield Alumni Banquet. I no longer drive, my health and strength fail. I'll just rejoice in the celebration that is taking place on June 22nd.
Owen Gangstead

From the Class of 1938:
Was really glad to get the invitation to the Goldfield Banquet but don't know whether I'll be able to make it this year or not. We have moved to Friendship Haven so I did want to send you my new address. My maiden name was Ruby Severson and I graduated from Goldfield High in 1938. I don't have any addresses for any of the names you are looking for. I don't think my husband will be well enough to come to the banquet with me this year so I will have to see later on if I can make it myself and send my reservation then. I want to come bad enough.
Ruby Severson Woodbury

From the Class of 1925:

Getting to the Goldfield Alumni Banquet would be quite an excursion for me at 94 years of age. I wonder if the classmates of the class of 1925 will be many. If you tell me later I would appreciate their maiden names, if it is difficult, forget it! Look for my name Jean Storer. I am doing very well so far, a bit limited in getting around, but I do with care. I have used a Winnie Walker, a four wheeler, light weight affair, has handles and a basket with cover, (that I sit on when not in action) with a backrest and can be folded up for travel. I do lots of caring of flowers about our Go Ye Village situated on the outskirts of Tahlequah. Since my husbands passing in 1998, I am living in the assisted living area, have a room by myself, very nice and have the luxury of someone cleaning my room once a week. I make my own bed. I used to change it weekly, but I let the girls (housekeeping) do it now. I eat in the dining room for this area. I can go to the cafeteria when I want to.
Thanks for listening,
Jean Storer Konrad

From the Class of 1927:

Thanks so much for the notice of the Goldfield Alumni gathering on June 22nd. It sounds like fun for you young people. I'll be thinking of you on that day. I am almost 93 and so, of course, will not be able to be there. I did attend my 50th reunion. Maybe I can get a report from some of my relatives.
Grace Clausen Boysen

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