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From the class of 1941:
I finally retired after 50 years of active membership in the American Dietetic Association 11 years ago. My husband retired from his position of principal of Mason City High School 22 years ago. We live in Mason City. Our son Jeff and his family live in Colorado. Our daughters Liz and Barbara and their families live in Mason City and Nora Springs. We have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter. Bogey is a National Director of the American Ex-prisoner of War organization.
Barbara Moseley Bogard
Mason City, IA

From the class of 1930:
It was a pleasure to receive the invitation to the Goldfield Alumni Reunion.  You have planned well and I wish I could take advantage of your hard work. I will be 96 years old by June 23rd, and I can not go anyplace alone. I doubt if anyone would know me anyway.  I wish you luck, wonderful weather, happy people and delicious food!  I hope one of my nieces will give me a first hand report!
Edna Madison Glidden
Denver, CO

From the class of 1938:
I’ve always been proud of the fact that I became the 1st “Miss Goldfield” in 1938 (the same year I graduated) at the band concert on the main street of Goldfield. I played bass drum & symbols in the band, too, that same night. I’ve kept my scrapbook since high school days & have clippings about the event!  There were 18 contestants, all named, and the big headline says,”Ruby Severson Fairest of Them All”.  A 2nd clipping includes my picture and I have the “thing” the newspaper used to print my picture.  I also have the “no. 8” I carried to win, plus the blue ribbon, about 2 ft. long, embroidered in black printing “MISS GOLDFIELD 1938”, embroidered by Mrs. Andrew Gardner.  The clipping says Howard Stevenson pinned the ribbon on my chest & was shaking so hard I was afraid he’d stick me! (He had a grocery store on main) I won $5 too!  My sister, Myrtle Severson, graduated from Goldfield in 1925.  She went to a Des Moines Beauty School to become a cosmetologist & while there was a contestant in the “Miss Iowa” contest.  She didn’t win but won a small silver statue that I remember maybe 6 to 8” tall, but I can’t remember the placing it said on it & she later took the statue after she married Roy Delles & lived near Chicago.  Roy died of cancer after serving in WWII.  She then married Michael Gendusa.  Both are dead.  My brother, Bernard Severson, graduated from Goldfield in 1927, & married Jean Wiser who graduated from Goldfield in 1928.  A nature trail was built near Lake View & named for him as he worked for the state for years.  They are both dead.  My other brother, Marvel (or Honey) Severson graduated from Goldfield in 1934 & married Betty Brisbin, an Eagle Grove girl, and moved to MN. Honey is dead.  Betty & I are the survivors.  My husband Ronald died in March 2003.  I’ve been a genealogist for years & names, addresses, deaths & clippings have been my “thing” for many years! See you! A friend,
Ruby Severson Woodbury
Fort Dodge, IA

From the class of 1936:
Thank you so much for sending me all the information on the GHS reunion in June!  I would dearly love to attend, but at 87 I just don’t have the energy to make the drive alone.  My husband came with me for our 50th reunion, but he died July 3, 2004.  Probably no one of my 1936 class will be there, but if there should be a survivor, please give him/her my special greetings.  It was a great year and is now a very good memory.  Thank you also for organizing the email connection, I do appreciate this.
Merry Ruth Moore Brauch
Rock Island, IL

From the class of 1947:
We would love to attend but we both have health problems.  I have to use a cane at all times and Harold’s Parkinson’s is worse.  We just moved to Springdale Independent Living in Humboldt.  So many changes as we grow older.  Tell everyone “HI” and wish we could be there.
Patrilla Ridgely Johnson
Humboldt, IA

From the class of 1953:
We have enjoyed the Goldfield Alumni web site and look forward to attending the 2007 reunion.  I come to visit with my classmates, so I do hope any new arrangements help us find one another.
Dorthy Peterson Follmann
Fairfield Bay, AR

From the class of 1933:
Please tell the class of 1933 hello.  I have many fond and happy memories of Goldfield High School.
Lynn Moseley
Des Moines IA

From a Former Teacher:
I am actively involved in coaching in Algona at Bishop Garrigan (baseball) in the summer months so my summers are tied up.  I enjoy seeing Goldfield Alumni in the Clarion-Eagle Grove area and try to keep up with the community through the Fort Dodge Messenger, mostly the sports section and sadly the obituaries.
Monte Pearson
Algona, IA
Taught at GHS 1974-78

From the class of 1927:
Lincoln is now 98 and we understand is the last surviving member of the class of 1927.  He has had a long career as an American Baptist minister, as pastor of churches in the east, then 31 years with National Ministries, then after retirement another 23 years with Philadelphia Baptist Association.  He is thankful for his Iowa Heritage, Goldfield, and University of Iowa (1931).
Juanita & Lincoln Wadsworth
Lansdale, PA

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